Define your needs and let us identify the best options for turning your ideas into the most suitable virtual event!

Interactive virtual conferences

Do you need more interaction and engagement between speakers and participants in your online events?

One of the main challenges when organizing virtual conferences is to keep your audience actively engaged and to get instant feedback from them, allowing you to keep your content relevant.

Find out more about our solutions and take an innovative approach to organizing virtual conferences, where participants are at the center of attention!

Online team buildings

(hosted live)

Do you have a large team, or want to engage your team in a bespoke team building program?

If the LifeHax remote team building series is not for you (whether your team is bigger than 24 people, or you need a bespoke team building activity with a duration of more than 1 hour), than live hosting for your team building is the answer.


We have partnered up with one of the most popular international team building platforms and can create advanced, totally personalized team building programs just for you!

Networking events

Want to organize a networking event, but are not sure how it could work out?

Online networking events are a huge challenge because you need participants to move freely, to group themselves in any sort of discussion circles, but also need them all in one place for key moments in your agenda.


Our ongoing research on top international events platforms means we can provide you with the best fitting solutions without taking your focus away from the event itself.

Logistic support for your online events

You have all your content set up, but need help with implementation of your online event?

If you already decided to organize your events online, but need logistical help, we can: identify the best suiting online platform for hosting your event; bring in moderators and/or speakers (business speakers, motivational speakers, etc.); help you produce your online event in the platform of your choice.

We can also help with fine tuning your event concept, creating (or updating) your events' identity, managing participants' registration and many other support services.