Using apps to hack your productivity

Over the years, our mobile phones have come to represent more than just a means of communication. They are a widespread accessory, integrated into our daily lives. Mobile apps may help us become more productive, more efficient, or even help us by focusing our attention solely on our most important objectives. Apps play an obvious part in our daily lives and they offer us the chance to benefit from technological advancements and balance work and personal life.

For moments in which we feel the pressure of too many responsibilities within a busy day, or when we seem to forget important things, here are seven apps which will make your life easier to manage successfully:

  1. Freedom app helps you channel all your attention on fulfilling current tasks. Practically, this app helps you “block” certain websites for a number of hours, allowing you to focus on your task at hand, without interruptions.

  2. Evernote is a very popular app designed to help you organize your schedule, take notes, link them to current objectives and allows synchronization between devices. You can create “to do” lists, record voice messages and add multimedia files to your notes.

  3. helps you have an accurate overview on your entire day’s schedule. This is the perfect app if you want to make sure that nothing gets forgotten, acting as your “external memory”. This app pushes reminders for meetings and allows you to select your most important goals for each day.

  4. Headspace is a meditation app which helps you get over stressful or anxiety moments. The app provides techniques and meditation programs which help you regain your calm after 10 minutes spent within the app so that you can return to your relaxed and productive self.

  5. Slack facilitates success in all team related activities. This app is very user-friendly and supports important functions for qualitative communication within your team: to do lists, final responsibilities, chat lists with specific team members and document sharing.

  6. Rescue time helps you follow daily activities and discover inefficiency patterns within your behavior. Rescue time generates personalized reports allowing users to identify their own flaws and weaknesses so that they can improve upon them.

  7. Ink flow is the perfect app for taking notes as drawings or in any other creative manner. This app allows saving your drawings as pictures and being able to use them in the future.

All these apps help improve your personal productivity. Download whichever app has got your attention the most and let us know your choice by leaving a comment below.

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