Hacking your sleep schedule: get enough sleep and wake up at the right hour

How much we sleep each night has a strong impact on how we perform during the day. Performing every day is also based on having o restful sleep during the night. However, each evening we seem to minimize the importance of sleep, whenever we choose to stay up later. Also, there are some nights when falling asleep seems quite impossible. And all these delays are paid for during the following morning.

There are many life hackers who grant special attention to their sleep schedule, mostly due to its importance on our daily performance. We have collected a series of helpful tips which can have a significant positive impact on having a restful sleep every time you go to bed and also being able to wake up when the alarm sounds first time.

Prepare for sleep

A good plan always helps, so plan your bedtime from during the day, preferably correlating this hour with the time you set your alarm for the following morning. As you get closer to your bedtime, gradually limit your caffeine intake and make sure that you eat your last meal of the day with at least 4 hours before going to sleep

With one, two hours before going to bed, shut down all screens (phone, television, etc.) so that you can fall asleep easily. Electronic devices are very strong visual stimuli and keep our organism from relaxing and powering off before sleep. This “unplugged hour” can be used for preparing your clothes for the next day or any other action that helps your future morning self.

Find the right motivation to get out of bed

Sometimes, just the thought of not being able to wake up the next morning keeps us from falling asleep. A good idea to get yourself to wake up from when the first alarm gets off is to set your first objective of the day as a pleasant activity, like preparing breakfast for your loved one. Realize that when your alarm goes off in the morning, this is the opportunity to start something that you really like doing.

Mornings are very well suited for creative activities. So, if you have a creative hobby and don’t seem to have enough time to practice it, then take 10, 20 minutes each morning to practice this hobby. You will wake up more motivated and practicing your hobby will do you more long-term good than snoozing for an extra 20 minutes.

Create a healthy morning routine

Our first morning actions are very important towards setting your mood for the entire day. This being said, keep active during the first part of each morning. Whether you take a shower, have a morning work-out session, prepare a healthy breakfast, or all of the above, together, your morning actions should activate your body and mind, while giving you energy for the entire day ahead.

Last, but not least, celebrate each small success: every morning when you get up on time or in which you wake up smiling. Gradually, you will include these repeated, small celebrations in your morning routine and this will positively influence your state of mind for the entire start of the day.

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