We love events and have a blast organizing them! However, due to health restrictions brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended our services for organizing live events for 2020.
Should you be interested to start planning your live events scheduled from 2021 onward, we are happy to help! Whether you want all-inclusive services, or just opt for a few, take a look below to see our full offer.


Get a concept and an identity for your event!

In today's world your participants experience so many events, during their lifetime. So it is really important to stand out in their memory. A good event concept is the best way to tell your story - it's like your event's elevator pitch, if you will. We enhance this concept by building visual and/or audio branding around it: it is what makes the difference between a well-said story and just another happening.


Build branding materials and a complete communication plan!

Once you have your ideal concept and branding set up, it's time to adapt this key (visual / audio) identity to the best forms of communication. which will appeal to your participants and commit them to participating.

Establishing a personalized and effective communication plan is one of the biggest makes or breaks in any event - we have extensive knowledge in managing either online or offline communication for you.


Plan your event setup, location and get an in-depth analysis on participant experience.

Yes, location is key! But creating an immersive experience means personalizing it according to your event's identity, while still taking advantage of all particularities of your chosen location.

We take into account every moment of your participants' experience, from the first time they step in, to stage setup, food and drink menus, all the way to creating bespoke spaces which help you achieve your objectives.


Attract the right participants to your event, whether by selling tickets or giving our invitations.

Implementing a proper communication plan will target your right audience and attract them toward your event. Moreover, we can support you in identifying the most suitable partners for your event.

From a user-friendly participant registration process to creating winning strategies for selling tickets, we have successful stories from which we constantly learn to deliver over-the-top results.


Identify the perfect elements for making your event unique! (moderator, speakers)

Let us help you in designing an agenda which will make participants feel like main characters of a top-rated story. We can provide you with a wide array of moderators, event hosts, business or motivational speakers (whoever suits you best) - all key elements which will improve participants' experience and help them get a stronger hold on your event's objectives.


Implement and deliver you event in a way which  strengthens your brand and generates precedent for future events.

Planning is key, but implementation is crucial! Our team of experienced event managers have the needed knowledge to not only implement your plan flawlessly, but also manage every unexpected happenings so that your event carries on undisturbed.

Each positive experience brings great feedback, recommendations and becomes the perfect basis on which to build your future events! Hiring a professional event team is oftentimes what makes the difference - regardless of planning done beforehand. It also allows you to enjoy the event, rather than being constantly on the run.


Follow up with your participants so that your event makes a lasting positive impact!

Follow-up communication is, sadly, the most under-rated and overlooked stage in any event. However, this crucial component is the true gate opener! Whether your event's objectives are linked to sales, learning, marketing, development or any other, creating and implementing follow-up opportunities with participants is what keeps you their go-to choice!