Portrait written on March 23rd 2018

Horia ​is passionate about continuous learning, gamification and the entrepreneurial spirit which he exercises in the events industry. As co-founder of Starfish Events and partner of The GoGame Europe, Horia was always passionate about human relationships and this is why he studied both the Faculty of Sociology and Faculty of Psychology. However, he says that he learned more from being an entrepreneur because "the entrepreneur is a person who has initiative and acts without waiting any stimuli from their context. Being an entrepreneur means assuming risks and responsibilities. When having a job, you know you will get money every month and this means having a certain degree of comfort - and this may be either a good or a bad thing, depending on what stage you are in your life. When moving towards entrepreneurship, you don't have a financial comfort zone and there is always the danger of having no income the next day. A good entrepreneur is also very adaptable."

Horia says that leaving the corporation left him realizing that he didn't have any of these abilities and that left him feeling like a fish on dry land. "It's a horrible feeling - you don't know what to do, you forgot what you are good at, you're afraid" relates Horia. It was then that he realized that he doesn't ever want to get inside that comfort zone, because he figured the only times he truly acquired knowledge was when he was outside his own comfort zone, with courage and a disposition to fail.

That moment, together with his desire for continuous learning determined him to adopt life hacking practices both in his personal and professional life which led him to discover that: "You cannot minimize the impact of luck in everything you call success, but I think it's more healthy no to call it luck, but circumstances - because it's something you can control - the space in which you work, events you attend, people you get to know."

Based on his experience, Horia's message for life hackers is: "The more relevant something is in your own hearts, the easier the final goal is to achieve."

Join teh conversation with Horia Codrean during the LifeHax #1 interactive conference, on March 23rd 2018, at Cinema PRO.

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