Portrait written on March 23rd 2018

Armina is an entrepreneur, trainer, learning designer and education consultant for over 15 years. She started her first company at the age of 18. She has lived and worked in 4 different countries, has a Masters' Degree in Human Resources, a Bachelor in Information Technology and has graduated the "AltMBA" course by Seth Godin. Armina has trained over 15,000 participants while working in NGOs, but also in Fortune 300 companies. Her preferred training topics include: solving problems, project management, entrepreneurship and "train the trainers". Starting with 2010, Armina has focused on education design and has since created over 30 programs for youth and adults, using gamification and other innovative learning methods. She says she returned to Romania to play around with education and really wants to help each person to fall in love again with learning.

You can find her online instigating everybody to take action, plan and achieve their objectives by taking part in game based educational workshops which can be found on Icebreaker Community.

"I decided to take good care of my brain, to constantly demolish and build neuronal highways. This means to try out things I wouldn't normally do, to get out of my comfort zone and to analyze hoe that felt, afterwards. Everything started when I was in high school and I didn't like my History courses. I challenged myself to find interesting things which would motivate me learn History as well. I discovered that I liked events tied to settlers and ships. They were similar to the books with pirates I used to enjoy so much. From then until now, I have seen hundreds of documentaries - I love them! I may not know exactly when Brancoveanu lived, but why should that matter? I know his story and architectonic style. My next big challenge was overcoming my fear of public speaking - it started as a 4-hour experiment which has evolved into a perpetual love. How could I create appropriate learning contexts for others, pretending they get out of their comfort zones, if I am not doing it myself?"

We payed attention to Armina. as she continued detailing more aspects from her own transformation process: "Find something you are passionate about and manage to stand up after each kick you receive! Which basically means, a lot of hard work and using your head. Good luck never falls from the skies, but you can build it with effort. Thise who believe that Microsoft, Apple, Facebook or Tesla are successful because their founders got lucky, are deceiving themselves."

Feeling motivated by the drive and pathos of Armina, we have asked her what she would recommend to aspiring life hackers. "Don't get stuck because, in theory, you have a lot of opportunities. No matter how many they are, try the first one and see where it goes. Usually, when you take a step and open a door, you find that other doors open as well. But if you wait outside a multitude of closed doors, potentially unlocked, and waste time thinking which one would be best to open, life may just as well pass you by. Also, don't take yourselves to seriously!"

"Play, regardless of your age! Being an adult is not a destination where your inner child goes to die. Your inner child lives on if you don't suffocate it when you get to be an adult or a parent" concludes Armina.

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